Keeping in Touch Update #2

Photo by Srinath66.

Photo by Srinath66.

This summer is flying by so fast! I can’t believe it’s almost August already.

I haven’t sent out any more snail mail packages since my last update in this series, but I have been messaging and emailing other people more often than I did before beginning this experiment. Store-bought cards feel less personal to me than sending a tailored message to just one or two people. There are many other people who will be receiving that card, but no one else will ever get that specific note again.

Last month I said I was going to start trying to respond to every email within a week of receiving it. I’ll be honest – I completely failed to meet this goal at first. It’s so easy to let an email sit in your inbox for just one more day. Before you know it, it’s been several weeks…or longer.

I am slowly reducing my response time, though, which is good.

Along with writing back to people more quickly, my August goal is to assemble another care package. I sent a small one to my grandparents back in June. The package was filled with various types of candy that is sold in Toronto but not in the U.S.  It’s fascinating to see how people’s tastes in candy vary from one region to the next, and some of the stuff I sent was a big hit. This time I’m picking a different family member, but I’ll share the details of that next month.

In the meantime, how have you been keeping in touch this summer? (Also, what on earth is going on with the winged letter above? I’m so perplexed by it!)

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