The Funny Thing About Tastes Changing

By Gaspirtz.

By Gaspirtz.

Earlier this year, I started slowly making some lifestyle changes. Getting into an exercise routine was my first goal. It’s now a regular part of my daily routine. I’ve blogged before about how difficult it is for me to find types of exercise that I actually enjoy and stick with them, so this is a big accomplishment.

Dietary changes came next. I started out by eating a small salad every day, but I also indulged my sweet tooth when the urge struck. Some days I was too full to want a treat. On others my chocolate cravings won out. Gradually, though, I’ve been decreasing how often I eat stuff like chocolate and replacing it with healthier options.

I’d been doing pretty well at making this adjustment when I noticed that my favourite type of coconut milk ice cream was in stock again at the store. Clearly it was time for dessert!

After dinner I opened the container eagerly. There’s nothing better than chocolate, cherries, and creamy ice cream mixed together.

The funny thing was, though, that it didn’t taste as great as I remember. It was a little too sweet and cloying. I finished it to avoid wasting food, but I don’t think I’ll be buying it again anytime soon. I’ve always loved fruit, but even a bowl full of cherry tomatoes is more appealing than something this sweet these days.

How have your tastes changed lately?



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