The “I Don’t Feel Like It” Workout

thursday-blogsSome days I roll out of bed with a content smile on my face while looking forward to my next workout.

My muscles might be a little sore the next morning, but it feels good to know that I challenged them and that I’ll be a little stronger than I was before when they knit themselves back together.

Today was not one of those magical days.

I woke up still feeling tired. The blustery, rainy weather made me want to crawl back under the covers and sleep for a few more hours. Maybe the sun would show up later on.

The last thing I wanted to do was pick up my weights or listen to the cheerful instructors talk about which muscle group we were focusing on as the video marched on.

One of the things I’ve learned over the past few years, though, is that “I Don’t Feel Like It” workouts are as valid and worthwhile as the ones you can’t wait to start.

You can workout while counting down the minutes until your final set of reps or laps around the block have been finished.

Muscles, lungs, and hearts don’t know the difference between you wanting to exercise and you wanting to do anything but that. They’re going to grow stronger either way.

You don’t have to pretend be chipper to workout. It’s totally okay to do your routine while feeling grouchy, sleepy, annoyed, or uninterested.

Not every workout is going to feel this way, either. There have been time when lifting weights or taking a brisk walk have left me feeling content.

Why did I used to feel like I had to put on a happy face in order to get the most out of exercise? No idea!

But releasing the expectation that every workout has to look like it came from the front page of a fitness magazine is a good thing.

I silently grumped my way through today’s exercise, but I still exercised.

Things could easily shift again the next time I pick up my weights or go for a walk.

The important thing is that you keep plugging along. Don’t you agree?

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