A Tale of Momentum and Inertia

This film is very short. It only requires about a minute of your time.

I don’t normally share more than one video per week on this blog, but I really loved how this one was put together. It reminded me of all of the stories my parents told us about their childhoods:

How mom’s pet goat used to climb on top of her father’s car;

The time dad set his bedspread on fire while pretending to be Superman. He thought he could easily blow it out;

Mom’s odd relationship with a little girl in her school who was obsessed with squishing the skin and muscles on other people’s arms down flat;

How dad accidentally broke a window once.

My mind also wandered to the newer family stories my nephew, Aiden, knows by heart:

Dad making parachutes for stuffed animals and then throwing them out a second-story window.

Uncle Aaron’s insistence that all of his buddies (read: stuffed animals) be tucked into bed next to him every night. He’d panic if any of them got misplaced or wedged between the bed and wall while he slept.

Aunt Lydia herding balloons around the house. She pretended they were sheep and moved them upstairs and downstairs over and over again.

I wonder which of these stories Aiden might pass onto his own children one day.

This film feels like a classic to me. It’s a little too early to tell, of course, but I have a hunch that I’ll be returning to it over and over again.

What stories do you like to revisit?



Created by Maéva Gruaz, Amaury Rospars Maxime Couturat, Jean-Baptiste Bellande, Sebastian Durouchoux and Jordane Koessler at Bellecour Entertainment. No, I didn’t misspell the title of this short film. What I find most interesting about it is that the whole story is told without almost no use of dialogue. It takes a lot of creativity to…

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